Garden & Gun April/May 2016 Issue Preview

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Project 01

Choose a work and illustrate its meaning by creating a motion graphics “movie” using AfterEffects. This project will introduce a more interpretive use of typography and meaning of text.

I chose the word “Slingshot”. I used subtle effects and sounds to illustrate the slingshot of a round ball. The work is slowly revealed and zoomed in at different times for a unique experience.

Project 02 Narrative

I selected a piece from the famous Sandra Bullock movie Blindside. Being a typography class, I liked the challenge in capturing Mrs. Toohey, a southern spicy blond mom, with Big Mike, a large and mysterious boy. I used Knockout lowercase to capture Big Mikes dominant presence, yet complete childlike innocence. Filosophia is used to capture the fabulously driven female that is Mrs. Toohey. Coupled with audio, I made the piece more 'artful' with dramatic croppings and atmospheric lighting effects. 

Project 03 was a collaboration with Auburn University Poetry Students. We were randomly paired with poets to animate their piece to a visual setting.

Flesh Untended is about a friends recent commission of suicide. The unstable nature and emotions surrounding the poets during the healing process is coupled with a sense of healing and redemption through color and light. 

Kinetic Typography Project 04

Promotional Video of your choosing. I utilized my study abroad class in March 2014 with Auburn's Graphic Design department  to Ireland by filming one of our many memorable tours. Using my own footage and instrumental music, I strove to capture the strong and bold attitude and flavor that is Ireland's beloved Guinness beer. The call to action is for people to come and experience the interactive factory museum for themselves.